Do you take the common approach to threats?

The most commonly considered threat management responses can be helpful, but they all have weaknesses - they don't defuse the hostility. You need something more effective. You need CMI.

An ounce of prevention

The time to start thinking about workplace violence is not when a situation occurs. Unprepared employers are increasingly accused of negligent failure to plan. An effective risk management program maximizes preparedness and offers visible evidence that the company cares. CMI’s Workplace Violence Prevention programs provide a comprehensive approach to reducing workplace violence risks and ensuring that you have a plan that protects your people, your operations and your reputation.

What would you do?

If a crisis occurred today… right now… at your company, what would you do? CMI has helped hundreds of companies prepare for and respond to thousands of crises. We pioneered crisis management and have been at the forefront of events from 9/11 to Hurricane Andrew to the Oklahoma City bombing, and thousands of other crises. You can benefit from our vast experience.

We wrote the book on crisis management.

BLINDSIDED is the authoritative guide to crisis management. This "how to" book by CMI founder Bruce Blythe gives advice that every manager needs to know when crisis hits.

Bruce Blythe to speak at Technology Association of Georgia

Bruce Blythe presents Strategic Leadership in Times of Crisis at the Technology Association of Georgia on November 13th, 2014. Non-member tickets are available.

Latest news and updates

Terminating employees is always difficult. People who seemed fine in normal times can become immediately hostile and threatening when they learn they are losing their jobs.